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Action & Achieve

Together we grow

Welcome to Action & Achieve.  

We coach game-changing tech startup founders so that together we improve

  • business strategy

  • business growth

  • business culture

to ultimately improve people’s lives.

We look forward to helping you to action and achieve and together we will grow.

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About Our Business

Are you a game-changing tech startup founder who is stuck and wants to improve your business focus and growth?

 We inspire, challenge and transform you so that your startup will move past foundation stage and grow into a larger growing business.  

We do management consultancy by helping you to 

 1. reduce the number of investor rejections by helping you get investor-ready. This includes business strategy consulting, investor pitch training, due diligence questions training 


2. reduce your time spent operating in your business as you rather run your business , by business mentoring. This includes regular action-focused meetings to help you navigate challenges and improve operational excellence as a CEO and founder 


3.​reduce executive leadership time and make the most of the non-executive function. This includes overseeing enterprise excellence, implementing good governance and sharing connections and cross-sectoral innovation through membership of the Advisory Board or Non-Executive Board.

4. reduce the stress of running a business and improve culture via mental fitness training for the founder and your executive team

For tech startup founders, who are making business better and peoples' lives easier, we look forward to helping you improve your strategy, growth, culture, operations, productivity and performance. 

Our Services

Where we take action and achieve so that together we grow

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Are you a Tech Startup Founder who wants to reduce the number of pre-seed and seed investors rejecting your pitch and get win the investor money? 
We offer bespoke one-to-one online coaching over 3+ sessions on business strategy, investor pitch readiness, dry run and feedback and due diligence Q&A training leaving you more confident and clear about how your next investor pitch will go.


All Hands In

Are you a Tech or consulting startup founder and your business is making <$150k annual revenue and you are stuck, overwhelmed and want to reduce time wasted in running the business? 

We inspire, challenge, motivate, review, and advise on how to navigate running a business through growth.
This includes blockchain, operations, governance, risk, go-to-market, future-proofing, inclusive people culture and partnerships.

Advice is based on:
over 23 years of Big 4 and startup experiences of businesses throughout their life cycle of growth:
from startups through to FTSE 100.

Years of leadership snd business mentoring Tech startup founders and the founding teams

Encouraging leaders to lead by example to build inclusive cultures using practical roadmaps and execute a robust business strategy that enables businesses to reach a wider customer base, attract and retain diverse high-quality talent and improve

✅performance and productivity
✅people's lives

Discussing the Numbers

Non-executive Board member partnering with C-suite.
Inspire, challenge and facilitate C-suite and Board leadership teams to agree on a shared mission, vision, inclusive culture and improved business strategy.
Also covering:

✅Good governance best practice
✅Crisis, Risk, Regulation and Compliance Management
✅Change and Transformation 
✅Strategy and Growth from startups to FTSE 100
✅Future proofing and externalities 
✅Commercial and financial oversight
✅Stakeholder Influencer and networker
✅Innovation from various sectors
✅Equality, Diversity and Inclusion culture
✅Environmental, Social and Governance
✅Diverse markets and international operations
✅Diverse talent and people leadership


The Word is Out! Read Our Testimonials

I first worked with Tracey when our business started to create an investment deck for Seed round funding.

Over the course of 3 months, Tracey took us through a structured and intensive workshop. This took us back to the beginning and our reason why. Working on the business for several years, we had found we had traveled off our North Star course.

Having a business strategy consultant like Tracey brings a fresh perspective. A perspective that is objective, supportive, and with years of experience. So much did we value Tracey’s dynamic and strategic mind that we invited her to join our Advisory Board.

We were just then in negotiations with a major UK bank and Global Recruitment Agency. With Tracey’s background, she was invaluable in helping us navigate the complex nature of a large institution. From the trials and tribulations of procurement to running the committee gauntlet, Tracey has experience on both sides: the vendor and the buyer.

We would recommend start-up colleagues that they consider working with Tracey on all current and future ventures.

Rory - CEO and co-founder of mentorXchange

About Tracey

Investor readiness advisor, Business mentor, Founder coach, NED, Board Advisor

IMG_4899 TRP _edited_edited.jpg

My purpose is to work with game-changing tech startup founders who transform our future to improve business and make peoples' lives easier.

Why? My late mother was an entrepreneur and only after her passing, being inspired by her life and career, did I take the brave move to leave my then 22-year Corporate career to help entrepreneurs like my mother successfully get through their foundation years to survive, thrive and reach continuous growth.

I share my unique multi-dimensional, multi-sectoral, international strategy and enterprise-wide experience to help founders increase the chances of investment and scalability.

As former KPMG Director, I bring the focus across the whole enterprise to improve business strategy, go-to-market, governance, operations, equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) and culture, inclusive leadership, environmental, social, governance (ESG), finance, risk and regulation, and future-proofing organisations. 

I have over 2 decades of professional experience in various sectors working with hundreds of businesses of various sizes from startups to UK listed plc companies and across many countries.  I bring you the innovation and growth oversight needed at the board level. Ensuring we grow and make a success of the tech, creator and gig economy in a post-Brexit and pandemic world.  More detail on

For further information and for my bio please contact me on the email below.

Contact us for a free 25 minute to get to know each other, explore your business needs and agree how we can work together

London, United Kingdom

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