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Action & Achieve

Together we grow

Welcome to Action & Achieve


We fractionally help game-changing tech startups and scaleups founders

so that together we improve business growth, operations and financial management 

We look forward to helping you to

action and achieve

and together we will grow.

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About Our Business

Are you a game-changing tech startup founder

who is stuck?

Do you want to improve your business growth?


Do you want to RENT

the right expertise and experience 

rather than BUY talent?

We do fractional part time contracts

to help you to 

 1. Reduce the number of investor rejections by helping you get investor-ready.

WHAT YOU GET: improved investor pitch, financial forecast,

more confidence and preparation to go through investor due diligence 


2. Reduce your time spent operating in your business as you rather run your business. 

WHAT YOU GET: a fractional (part-time) strategic Chief Finance Officer/ Chief Operating Officer 


3.​Reduce executive leadership time and make the most of the non-executive function.

WHAT YOU GET: advice and oversight of enterprise excellence, financial, audit, ESG, risk and regulatory management and good governance

with an engaged Non-Executive Board.

For tech startup founders, who are making business better and peoples' lives easier,

we look forward to helping you improve your strategy, growth, culture,

operations, productivity and performance. 

Our Services

Where we take action and achieve so that together we grow


Are you a Tech Startup Founder who wants to
increase success during fundraise and
reduce the number of Angel and Venture capuital investors rejecting your pitch?

We offer bespoke one-to-one online
independent reviews of your investor pitch, forecast and data room

You leave:

clear on how to improve your investor pitch
having honed your verbal messaging via dry run pitch practice and immediate candid constructive improvement points

✅clear on how to improve your financial forecast and scalable revenue model 
 more robust data room 
 more prepared for due diligence Q&A 

So ultimately you are more confident and clear about how your next investor pitch will go.



Are you a Tech or consulting startup founder with a business making <£250k annual revenue?
Do you want to scale your business to the next level or get ready for a the next fundraise or trade sale?
Do you need someone experienced with the right expertise to help you run the business and the team? 

Why not "rent" the experience and expertise, if you cannot afford to buy full time talent?

We work fractionally (part time) with you to help you to

✅increase revenue
✅optimise cost
✅increase operational efficiencies 
✅improve investor and financial reporting

✅grow corporate development and partnerships
✅improve risk management
✅improve regulatory compliance
✅ implement business continuity, blockchain and ESG
✅developing better inclusive business culture
✅implement programme (and transformation) management 

A fractional strategic Chief Finance officer/Chief Operating officer
drawing on experience of 
businesses throughout their life cycle of growth
from startups through to FTSE 100

Years of leadership, operator in entrepreneur businesses, business mentoring Tech startup founders
for investor readiness pre-fund raise
and post fundraise business growth



Institute of Directors 2023 Award winning Non-executive Board member
partnering with C-suite

Inspire, challenge and facilitate C-suite and Board leadership teams to agree on
a shared mission, vision, inclusive culture and improved business strategy.
Oversight, challenge and experience shared on 

✅Audit and Risk
✅Overall good governance structure best practice
✅Business s
trategy and commercial growth 
✅Crisis and Business continuity
✅ Regulation and Compliance Management
✅Environmental, Social and Governance and reporting
doption of web 3 /blockchain
✅Change and Transformation 
✅Equality, Diversity and Inclusion culture
✅Cross sector experience 
✅Diverse markets and international operations

 ✅Stakeholder Influencer and network 

Tracey is an inspirational Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Business leader and Ally of all D&I initiatives we are working on. Any successful C-suite and organisation leadership will be lucky to have her or work with her.
She is a 'super-connector' and 'global thinker' within the business community - having successfully introduced new Organisations and Institutions to sign up to the Tech Talent Charter (TTC) on D&I best business practice.
Tracey has successfully led many senior business people from diverse backgrounds to produce high quality best practice frameworks for D&I leadership in the Corporate world.
A true collaborator, Tracey listened and took into account all the diverse opinions when she successfully led and facilitated highly sensitive and emotionally charged discussions. Tracey calmly and clearly presented her teams' and her own valuable ideas that have positively influenced and progressed our work.
In addition, she has been pivotal in giving the TTC continuous improvement ideas that we have implemented to produce the best quality output to help businesses improve on Diversity and Inclusion.
We appreciate all her time and effort to this important business leadership focus and value the positive influence she continues to bring to Businesses and their C-suite Teams

The Word is Out!
Read some of our testimonials
More reviews are on Linkedin

Tracey was one of the experts who helped startups get pitch ready as part of the Startups For Sustainable Development program from Google.
Tracey delivered great value to the entrepreneurs and we received a lot of positive feedback from her engagement - highlighting both her expertise but also her social skills.
She was able to get entrepreneurs pitch ready over the course of a few mentoring sessions.

It was a great pleasure to work with Tracey and we're looking forward to further collaboration!


Head of Google Startups for Sustainable Development -  Irwin Boutboul

About Tracey

Fractional Strategic Chief Finance Officer /Chief Operating Officer


IoD 2023 Award-winning

Non-Executive Director  

IMG_4899 TRP _edited_edited.jpg

My purpose is to work with game-changing tech startup founders who transform

our future to improve business and make peoples' lives easier.

Why? My late mother was an entrepreneur.  Only after her passing, being inspired by

my time helping her run her business, her diverse career

did I take the brave move to leave my then 22-year Corporate career.

Why ? to help entrepreneurs like my mother successfully get through their

business foundation years to survive, thrive and reach continuous growth.

I share my unique multi-dimensional, multi-sectoral, international strategy and enterprise-wide experience

to help founders increase the chances of investment and scalability.

As a former KPMG Director and operator, I bring the focus across the whole enterprise

to improve business strategy, financial management, go-to-market, governance, operations,

equality, diversity and inclusion (ED&I) and culture, inclusive leadership,

environmental, social, governance (ESG), finance, risk and regulation, and future-proofing organisations. 

I am qualified in Chartered Accountancy,

programme management (PMP),

Prince 2 agile,

change management

and mental fitness coaching.

I have over two decades of professional experience in various sectors working with hundreds of businesses of various sizes from startups to UK listed plc companies and across many countries. 

I bring you the innovation and growth oversight needed at the board level.

Ensuring we grow and make a success of the tech, creator and gig economy in a post-Brexit and pandemic world. 

More detail on

For further information and for my bio please contact me on the email below.

London, United Kingdom

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