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Business Meeting

Investor pitch readiness

For Tech Startup Founders with a business earning more than $15K monthly recurring revenue (MRR), who want me to help you get Investor ready with pitch training.


Bespoke one online coaching over 3+ sessions on business strategy, investor pitch readiness, dry run and feedback and dry run due diligence Q&A training 

Business Strategy accelerator 

For Tech Startup Founders wanting to turn an idea into a business or come unstuck when trying to make your business grow


Join our 6 weekly online accelerators taking your, creating a strategy, implement it and progress to learn about building an inclusive culture and operations too 

Casual Business Meeting

Business mentoring and coaching 

For Tech and consulting startups making $15k monthly recurring revenue: 

Inspire, challenge, motivate, review, and advise on how to navigate business growth issues: management consultancy - blockchain, operations, governance, risk, go-to-market, future-proofing, inclusive people culture and partnerships.

Advice is based on over 23 years of Big 4 and startup experiences of businesses throughout their life cycle of growth: from startups through to FTSE 100.

Leadership mentoring for tech startup founders and the founding team.

Encouraging leaders to lead by example to build inclusive cultures using practical roadmaps and execute a robust business strategy that enables businesses to reach a wider customer base, attract and retain diverse high-quality talent and improve



✅performance and productivity

✅people's lives

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Discussing the Numbers

Board Advisory member and Non-executive Directorships

Board member partnering with C-suite.


Inspire, challenge and facilitate C-suite and Board leadership teams to agree on shared mission, vision, inclusive culture and improved business strategy.


Also covering:

✅Environmental, Social and Governance

✅Blockchain and disruptive technologies

✅Crisis, Risk, Regulation and Compliance Management

✅Change and Transformation 

✅Strategy and Growth from startups to FTSE 100

✅Future proofing and externalities 

✅Commercial and financial oversight

✅Stakeholder Influencer and networker

✅Innovation from various sectors

✅Equality, Diversity and Inclusion culture

✅Diverse markets and international operations

✅Diverse talent and people leadership


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